Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Helpful Writing Tip

I've created THE WORD MERCHANT'S SOCIETY to help other writers with their craft by sharing the little tips that helped me become published. My latest book to date is ALTERED JOURNEY, published by ZLS Publishing (, is featured in the picture above. Browse my web site ( to read an excerpt.

My first helpful writing tip is to read, read, read! Not only the genre you like to write....but all genres you can find. I am a true believer in the fact that reading begets writing.

Born with a walking disability, I couldn't run and play as other children did, so books became my constant companions. They opened the doors to experiences and adventures real life closed to me. And while I devoured every word, something else happened....something magical and truly unexpected....I was inticed to write!

When I read a book I look closely at the the way the author structures sentences. How creative is the use of tags....example he said/she said vs. he supposed/she reflected, etc.

Is the dialogue interesting....realistic, natural, does it flow, convey the character's feelings, and is it consistant to the character's personality.

How well are things described.....are they long and drawn-out, too flowery, very percise and unique, do they allow me to see, taste, and smell the scene in my mind's eye.

When does the author allow the "dark moment" to arrive in the plot.....and how do the characters act and react to the drama unfolding in the scene.

The next time you sit down with a good book, underline or write down key phrases in a notebook for a later reference. Notice the novel's timing.....when and how does the hero & heroine meet, conflict, bond, etc.


Roberta C.M. DeCaprio