Monday, October 1, 2012


Every writer needs a work station, whether it be a tiny corner in the kitchen, or a entire room dedicated to complete and private office space. I have a tiny office in the back bedroom of my home which efficiently serves as my garret. The walls are covered with inspiring photos, loved ones present and past, and encouraging sayings....because writing at home can be a lonely profession.

Nothing helps the creative juices to flow better than being comfortable in your surroundings. Therefore, your work station must be a place where you can be yourself....if that means the privacy to write naked if so desired....then so be it.

Here are a few tips on how to make your work station a productive and comfortable writing haven:

There is nothing more distracting then to sit with shoulders stooped over, eyes not even with the computer screen, and pain rioting down your spine. A chair too low can also cause neck and back pain. So make sure your desk, table, or counter is the right height for the chair you're using.

Choose a chair that supports your back, has a cushioned seat, and that will allow your feet to rest flat upon the floor. Dangling feet can cause numbness, poor circulation, and blood clots.

Keep the area well lighted and ventilated. A dark, gloomy work station will cause eye strain that eventually will lead to headaches. A room too hot or too cold, too stuffy or too cramped can also cause health problems. Besides, this sort of atmosphere can contribute to constant the need to stretch, get a breath of fresh air, a warm drink, or a cool glass of water.

Have your work station equipped with all the items you'll need for your writing time: pad, pen, dictionary, thesaurus, research books, copier paper, lap top or computer, printer, stapler, paper clips, phone, clock, and if music is desired while you write...then a radio or DVD player.

Phone calls can be a distraction, so allow your answering machine to screen the calls you receive during your writing time. Another wise move would be to give family members and friends a heads-up on your writing schedule. In this way their consideration will help to cut down on so many interfering calls.

Your area does not have to be big, but allow your surface section to be roomy enough for all you will need at finger-tip reach. Such devices as pen holders, file cabinets, inbox-outbox trays, business card holders, and shelving units can all help in keeping your work station organized and efficient.

Now, all that's left is for you to face that blank computer screen and write upon it the story of a lifetime.


Roberta C.M DeCaprio