Friday, February 1, 2013


What is a query letter?

A query letter, which is the first step an author makes in getting their work noticed, is a formal letter sent to literary agents, editors of magazines and publishing houses whereby a writer proposes a writing idea for an article or pitches a plot for a novel. It should be approximately 200 to 400 words expressing three important parts:

1.) The topic or genre of the work,

2.) A short plot description and a hook that will draw the reader in, (a great way to set your hook is to give the era and location of the story),

3.) A short author's bio, and

4.) What demographics (or age group and target) the work would interest.

A successful query letter has to entice a literary agent or editor to request more. So keep the contents of the letter intelligent, intriquing, and concise.

Avoid run-on sentences or the tendency to write a saga. The difference between a poorly constructed or well-written query letter can make or break a decision to publish an article or manuscript.


Roberta C.M. DeCaprio