Friday, December 28, 2012


There's never been a time whereby I haven't kept some sort of journal or diary. It started at the age of twelve, when I received a Barbie diary for Christmas that year. Each night I'd sit in bed before falling asleep and write down the day's dealings. At that age it was only tid-bits on what my sisters and I did, what friend said what at school, trips our family took, or the company we had over to the house for dinner on the weekends.

During my high school years the pages of my five year diary were filled with romantic gossip....what boy I had a crush on, first kiss, prom night, my first job, learning to drive, and graduation all were logged.

After I got married such memories as having my children and what went on in their lives occupied each journal page....pets that came and went, new friends, historical moments in time, and even recording the deaths of loved ones.

Even now I keep a journal, writing down ideas I have for novels to come, keeping notes on research I've complied for future use, and the times I enjoy with my grandchildren. Looking back on the past writings I laugh and cry, the memories precious and heartwarming. But they have also become fuel for characters I create in books.

The character Sophia in my time-travel novel, ALTERED JOURNEY was fashioned after my beautician aunt, and both my maternal and paternal grandmothers. Amanda Gregory, the heroine in my first historical, THE GOLDEN LADY, has beautiful blonde curls and sapphire blue does a favorite cousin.  The villians in my stories have the traits of some of the mean teachers, jealous neighbors, and unfriendly co-workers I've encountered in life and written about in my journals.

I've also found writing each day in some capacity oils the cogs in my brain, in preparation for the made-up stuff I love to create. Sometimes those journal entries have even helped to keep "writers block" away. So, grab yourself a notebook and start journaling. Not only is it fun and a good record of times past, but also a great writing tool.


Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

Sunday, December 2, 2012


It has been said that in the writing world there is only about seven plots a writer can use to form a story. Whether or not this is the actual truth, is hard to say.

I do know that with the mountain of information that surrounds us today . . . stories "ripped from the headlines" and different genres (paranormal, urban legend, supernatural, fantasy, and science fiction), now being accepted by editors and publishers, the wellspring of plots from which a writer can use is abundant.

Television also plays a big part in giving our imagination fuel for thought. I am focusing on the paranormal genre in this blog, so if you are a writer of the unnatural you might try tuning into these television shows. Some of the characters and storylines of the following shows just might spark your creative juices.

If you're nitch is writing about demons, mutants, hybrids, witches, vampires, and werewolves you might try catching such shows as:
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST & SUPERNATURAL on the CW TV channel. To view their lineup of shows log onto Or GRIMM on the NBC network (

If it's fairey-tale quality or haunted dwellings you crave check out ONCE UPON A TIME & 666 PARK AVENUE on the ABC network (

If you're a science fiction buff then FRINGE on the Fox network ( and PERSON OF INTEREST on the CBS network ( is your cup of tea.

If you're into ghosts you might try catching reruns of GHOST WHISPERER, SAVING HOPE, and A GIFTED MAN. Time travel series such as TARA-NOVA, JOURNEY MAN, ALCATRAZ, AWAKE, and MEN ARE FROM MARS reruns might also be shown on the cable channels.

GAME OF THRONES and TRUE BLOOD are produced on HBO. AMC (American Movie Channel) airs WALKING DEAD, and FX network features AMERICAN HORROR SHOW.

Whatever your fancy, there is enough fuel for thought out there, so gather them up, put a unique twist on the information you've collected, and spin a page-turning tale.


Roberta C.M. DeCaprio